Friday, 25 January 2013

'What is your religion'?

In my dream someone asked me 'What is your religion'?
I  replied Asertu, meaning I supposed Asatru.

And I was confused
Even in the dream.

Thinking of the Norse gods

I do have some affinity for Othin, and Freya..
But I wondered why I hadn't spoken the truth?

Truth is, I am Persephone's scribe
But if I was more religious I would be a Sumerian re-constructionist

I would have a statue of the god who loves me and a smaller image of myself always in prayer at that gods feet. I would worry more about what my husband and children think of me and be a better parent, least their rememberences of me let my light fade in the Underworld.

I would have learnt more Standard Babylonian and know more than the first five letters of the Homeric Greek alphabet, if I took my work more seriously!

But I'm a child of the 20th century, of earth and starry sky: light, heat, carbon, hydrogen and on and on..the weaving of ATC and G, the star dust I borrow; and nothing more.

Asertu (with an e not an a and without the r) is a  'west-Semitic goddess'
Also known as Allatu in Carthage

From The Koran the three sisters, daughters of Allah: All-at Manāt and al-‘Uzzá.

Without the hyphen: Allat

Another name for: Ereshkigal.

My connection to Ereshkigal goes back a long way
To the border land between life and death
More accurately to the edge of self-destruction.

To the only place the living can find her.

She was 'the dark sister' in my dream
The core of myself.
Spider grandmother..
The weaver of meaning.

For years I mistook her as my shadow.

Until I realised that understanding psychological process may well be a holding pattern, a way to prevaricate, instead of taking the next step...