Saturday, 19 January 2013

Dagon Street.

I don't live in Insboca


Is the reason why Bishops wear fish-shaped hats..

Or so some people believe.

But it is true that a good fishing lake
Leads to the creation of villages

Eridu, the first city.
5000 BC.
The most ancient level revealed a small building and thousands of fish bones.

Loaves and fishes and the feeding of 5000

Eridu is now Abu Shahrein in Iraq.
I've no idea if anyone lives there...
Probably not.

And Lepenski Vir
The Vir part of its name means whirl
A whirlpool in the lake..makes the fishing easy.

The age of the first settlements there go back another 2000 years before Eridu.
7000 BC.

But forget for a moment hunter-gatherers
Stop thinking of Ray Mears.
We are talking settlements,

But not towns.

Lepenski Vir never went that far.

At first, Lepenski Vir, like Eridu, drew people from miles around.


(about the same time as Eridu)
They built houses...
For the dead?

That were the same shape as the mountain close by.

They carved statues
Every house had one by the hearth

Fish men?

Or fish women...

From Marija Gimbutas's interpretation
The V shape on the sculpture is distinctively feminine.

Something happened
The settlement was abandoned...

If you insist
Dagon .

The story.
By Lovecraft
Sheds no light.