Monday, 28 January 2013

The Kennet complex.

A screen shot from:

I had read about the Palisaded enclosures between Silbury and the Sanctuary, but had not seen a map before.
I am curious.
The 'Grooved ware package'
Objects, symbols and rites.

Following rivers all the way from Orkney to Wessex.

The tub, the barrel, the bucket
Flat base

Incised clay, decorated with spirals and flat lines

Echoing the coiling patterns of the Boyne Valley passage graves

Flat and solid pottery

For brewing the mead of poetry.
To drink with fire and winter pigs

And ghosts.

Fractured shards mixed with charcoal
Buried at the foot of timber posts

Along side other things

Chalk plaques, size of a post card
Incised lines
A lattice #

Recalling rivers and fishing nets

The rules of burial

Under the earth
Under the wood
Under the stone

Become a sentence I cannot read

Flint, bone, antler, chalk and pottery..
A liturgy
Or equation
A magik spell

Chalk balls, antler and bones may be found together
But not with a human burial

Decorated mace heads given to the dead

Chisel ended arrow heads

Bone pins

Flint flakes full of secret fire
Must be buried alone.

Rules dictate and create

The edges of flint
Fragments of bone

Become words
Embedded in the root
Of land, wood and stone.