Thursday, 10 January 2013


Windmill Hill.
The 'Ayers rock' of Wessex...
I exaggerate

Neolithic 'Causewayed enclosure'
Windmill Hill pottery and culture.

The place to deflesh your dead
Dead anything.



Bowls and plates.

Toss them into the pit

And party hard amongst the flints and fires.

Five thousand...almost six thousand years later

The kind of grey before sun-rise
Just as grass becomes beige-green.

And cold!

Clouds had fallen down.

To tracks most unsuitable
It said.

Actually most of it was fine.
But close to Windmill Hill and beyond was mud and deep trenches.

Bronze Age barrow and husband.

There were also sheep.
Not much to see on the land...

But the horizon...
Being there connects the landscape.
Silbury pointing the way to West Kennet.

We carried on to Silbury
Looking for somewhere to eat.

Silbury moat filled with silver sky..
I should have taken a photo.

Up and onward
To the Seven Hills (as they used to be known)

Then across the road to see if anything had happened.

I like to record offerings left at The Sanctuary (and Woodhenge)

Someone had left a little heap of stones

I'm assuming that people believe the burial there to have been central (as at Woodhenge).
And leave offering at the centre

To honour the dead...

The burial at The Sanctuary was once in the east section.
(the fluorescent yellow coat marks the spot in the video)

And now resides in boxes

In The Natural History museum...

The sun
Drenched in water
Flickered out

And we headed home in the dark.

To Worcester
To eat!