Thursday, 9 January 2014

The hollow hills.

When he asked me what the Sanctuary was for

I struggled for a moment trying to is an attempt to encode the structure of the cosmos within a physical space.

I struggled because what it is does not explain the function such a model could supply.

Even if the solar cross was perfectly aligned..
Its function is more than a calender
It encapsulated meanings beyond words.

The inner cruciform surrounded by circles creates a link between earth, sky and the Underworld..

And once, long ago, that was important.

Suis meant god in Hittite
Comes from an Indo-European root meaning to shine..
Becomes Zeus.

But in Mesopotamian religion, all gods shone with terrifying radiance

So the shining god as a specific god is a difference...

But the word seems to mean god..
So the sun goddess of Proto-Indo-European myth would be Suis Arinna or Suis Lelwani?

The Sun goddess of Hittite myth crosses the sky, her chariot drawn by the twin brothers riding horses. Sinking below the horizon she travels the Underworld by boat..

The sun Goddess of the Underworld received offerings at funerals.

Similar iconography, the sun wheel, the boat, the twins, turns up in Scandinavia.

The Egtved girl.