Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hail to you Nergal, who is not in his grave!

Let my praise travel straight and true
To the Lord of the Great City
To the heart of the Black Sun
To the Lord of Sunset
To Nergal, the Enlil of the nether world.

Your name lets loose awe and fear.
You fall on the land bringing terror in your wake.
Lord of the battle Net’
Ruler of the Seven
The plague weapon that devours like a dragon.
You alone have the power to carry off and bring back…

I, the scribe to your Queen implore you, fierce god of the Great City

To hear my words and not to loose the arrow Mows-down-a-myriad.

To listen to the voice of respect and not use the mace Fifty-toothed-storm.

You are the hero who comes down from the Great Mountain, riding No-resisting-this-storm..

Warrior with head held high, respected lord, son who rises up to protect his father.

Nergal, angry sea, inspiring fearsome terror, whom no one knows how to confront, youth whose advance is a hurricane and a flood battering the lands.

Nergal, dragon covered with gore, drinking the blood of living creatures..

May my warning travel straight and true

To those who bury the gods..

Who believe that they are your match and free

God of War look away from them.
In the name of my Mistress.

Please stay your hand.

Composed by me, Belit-Seri (RideFlame) 31/12/2013.