Monday, 16 December 2013


has begun.
A text on Sunday from my eldest daughter (she is 28) saying that she is a disappointment to everyone.

A text this dinner time from my eldest son (he is 19) saying that he has only £10 left before buying his train ticket (from London, to home)...

I let the disappointment txt hang there...

Even beginning to address it feels like I'm acknowledging the possibility that it matters if you or I or anyone feels as if you, I or anyone is a disappointment.

Of course feeling that way is terrible.
No one should feel that way.

But it plain does not compute.

The txt from my son was easier
Did the maths
Christmas food and drink- £150
If I don't buy anyone any presents...
I sent him £100.

Am I free now to get on with my plans?

Well winter solstice is a bad time to go to Wessex...police and road blocks...
I'm thinking December 23rd as my day to lay out the light sticks at the Sanctuary.

Tomorrow is the 'solstice' full moon:

7:46 am azimuth 58 set
4:33 pm azimuth 302 rise

8:08 am azimuth 128 rise
3:58 pm azimuth 232 set

No rain forecast, clear skies all the way?