Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Last trip...

Back to The Sanctuary!

First to Avebury where I bought presents for my daughters from the shop.
Woollen gloves and rose lemonade.

Then a conversation with a man who had made his living from his 'alternative' beliefs.

I tell myself that basically people who believe in Atlantis are preferable to people who believe in 'war against terror'.

Though one belief does not preclude the other..

I just don't like Madam Blavatski's curious reinterpretation of Tibetan stuff. The idea of 'the hidden masters' though harmless, was a symptom of the madness that griped Europe..

The Golden Ones
Axial Age..

On a positive note....Madame Blavatsky, who claimed to be in contact with a Great White Lodge of Himalayan Adepts did at least inspire David Lynch.

He tells me..
The gong playing man of Avebury.
Not Mr Lynch..
That the large stone at West Kennet wasn't used to block the tomb. He says that at the equinox a shaft of sunlight is directed by this stone to shine on a single red block at the end of the barrow. I ask him if he has seen this?

He hasn't
Latter I find the probable source: Bob Trubshaw.
Of all the alignments and solar events, this is one of the easiest to check.

But I have a feeling that when the tomb was reconstructed, the large stone was placed further back, to allow people to enter.

I doubt that the large stone is truly in its original place.

Anyway, off I go to The Sanctuary to lay out its paths for the last time.