Friday, 1 November 2013


This is a twisty world, meanings and correspondences are copied or forgotten.
They resonate or die.
Getting to the new has to be through the old
For we have no other language...

The habit of looking forward to see what is coming, without understanding that all is created from the past, is a poor way to proceed; it accounts for the ease of deception perpetrated in our names and ostensibly for our benefit.

Writing requires courage
And I'm lacking...

The subject is pain.

Lets just say that there are two ways to be religious:
The path of renunciation Vs the path of acceptance.

Both will involve pain, because life is full of it...
Religious thought changes the meanings of pain, and it is here that religion and secular thinking, will clash.

But there is also conflict between those who chose renunciation, and those who seek experience to jolt their world..

The path of renunciation intensifies the importance of experience. But, experience is here defined as a sweet, poisonous pleasure. Renunciation is an offering to god, a submission and a plea, for there is no end to the hold the desire for experience has over us, unless an antidote is found, or so the renunciate believes. To this end, the renunciate confines the desire for experience to mind alone. There the need and longing is contained, sealed in the alembic for transformation.

This is a path of liberation..

The other way, the left hand path, if you will..
The one who takes the path of acceptance takes all as god given, the good and the bad. Because for them, the illusory dislocation between the spirit and the world, is over.

The path of knowledge?

One thing we all had in common
Pain was a part of practice, and pain was regarded as purification.

Purification of perception.

Pain was part of the whole thing.
Not eating or drinking..

I didn't take the 'right hand' path, but I took part in 'right hand path' rituals.
I found it very interesting to agree to be bound by rules that made no sense to me, out of respect for the purpose of those rituals.

None of this makes sense from the secular point of view, which tends to see any deviation from scientism (the religion of science) as a threat to society!