Thursday, 21 November 2013


The outer bonds called to the inner.
The externalising of pain
Was a freedom.

Without it I am a prisoner
No one will reach me here

When the outer bonds
Became the inner
He had control.

When He found me
He promised to stand by my side...

Took away the coils of rope
Undid the hooks
Saw me fall.

He did not see the black blood welling up from my wounds.
Or the coil snaking through the damp earth
Twisting around my ankle
Pulling me down

'As a child'
'She was taken by the Kur' they said.
A flood
A stranger
A mountain...

He had called me through the dark
Made me His lover
Threaded His darkness through my soul

A single lightning flash...
The space of a heart-beat.

Was all.