Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Bacchus bar, Birmingham UK.

The walkthough.

Sacred space that may be entered by almost anyone:
Computer games...
The juxtaposition of "two distant realities" united to create a new one.

Dionysos hands you a pitcher-full of hyper-fake
Consume to aid the truth that normality
Is reality dream-augmented by more than 50%

Don't be put off by that chalk board.
Welcoming places dedicated to the Gods are hard to find in this town.
In any town.

The entrance takes you below the Burlington Hotel, and underneath the street- the one that is reputedly the oldest in Birmingham

Katabasis via marble stairs
Grandfather Jung says, "My, if only it was really that easy"
Me "Perhaps it is"

On the way down
Wall paintings reminiscent of those found at  the Villa dei Misteri
Theater-set broken pillars
A promise of darkness..
Twinkling lights beyond the door...

Game of Thrones meets Quake3Arena

The music was quite, quite wrong.

Though I say it looks Q3A
I was trying to imagine it with Quake 1 music.

Here is Quake as it appears in the mind of RideFlame. Player.