Thursday, 27 June 2013


Whilst thinking about horses..
The magic, super kind
Manes of fire
Tails of flame..

The hoof striking the rock
And gold flowing like a stream of light.

Of Medusa and Chrysaor.
The Golden Sword.

I reached for a book of Caucasian stories.

There the perfect horse is known as an Abrash.

In Iraq the word seems to describe colour, a dappled horse.
But the abrash could fly you to the sun and back.

Other names:
A Turpal horse
A Bogatyr horse.

A horse like Sleipnir.

Now horses do not figure in Akkadian/Sumerian stories.
The horse belongs to 'The Kurgans'

Which is as good a name as any for the people who lived in the seas of grass, and traveled the broad rivers of  the main landmass of  Europe and Russia.

I was thinking of horse-headed Demeter
Her rape.

Of Medusa, mother of Pegasus
Almost the same story, except there is a 'golden' child as well as the abrash.:
Neptune became enamoured of her, and obtained her favours in the temple of Minerva. This violation of the sanctity of the temple provoked Minerva, and she changed the beautiful locks of Medusa, which had inspired Neptune’s love to serpents.

Medusa was also forced to labour for eternity, unable to give birth.
Until Perseus gave her death..
Therefore raging and mad!

And  horse-born Epona
According to Plutach, Fulvius Stella "loathed the company of women", and so decided to focus his desire on a mare instead.

The abrash horse seems to be created from broken laws
Laws concerning sex.

The White Horse at Uffington is taken by most to be 'Iron Age'

It has been dated to 1400 BC in one test..
So, Bronze Age..

And the horse bone under a post at The Sanctuary...

So I'm looking for 'Kurgan' stories as a way to understand The Sanctuary?

I really don't know.