Monday, 20 May 2013

The house of Ais...

The Greek name for the Underworld is Hades.

Αιδης Is the Greek (H)ades and means Invisible.
αιδιος Means eternal.

Its god is  Πλούτων- Pluto- 'The rich father'...

And myths work like history...
And metaphor..
and jelly
and cloud.

The Underworld is the invisible place
Easily confused with The Aeonian Realm.
The eternal

Which is how it should be.

The Underworld has many names.
But the House of Ais is what you know and do not see.

Where the border between the realms is thin

Where life slips into stasis.

There perception and understanding fail: Fragments of life slip into the Alcor-like cryo-towers or blow like plastic bags across the  ghost strewn ground.

Anything retrieved from this border-world is twitchy and insubstantial- often it is a looks-like, rather than real.

But not always.

Often it is a shell or a husk.

Sometimes the husk holds a spark...

Sometimes the journey to the border is for personal reasons, to retrieve something lost, to learn and to understand.

Sometimes it is to put right.

Mostly I do it to bring to light what should not be forgotten.