Friday, 17 May 2013

I'm almost at a cross roads.
The work I've been engaged in for the last two years must by now have accumulated enough information for me to start placing it in order.

The question was:
Were the bodies at The Sanctuary and Woodehenge 'sacrifices'?

Were they killed and buried there...

I've gone as far as I can go with The Sanctuary.
I considered saving my pennies and organizing a test to be done on the bones of the person found at The Sanctuary, but all things considered...Like how efficient are DNA tests...I'm only looking for an X or Y chromosome...

But on the other hand there is a possibility that the skeleton could be older, a composite of two or more bodies.

I'm not going to find out.
Regardless of the efficiency or otherwise of DNA testing.

You know, burials by standing stones, or bodies in the forecourt of long barrows- as the massive stone to close the entrance, is dragged into place- are usually young men- source of evidence? only what other people have told me- If the statements and beliefs of the people who examined the bones are correct, then in the Early Bronze Age tradition, it is men who get the honor of protecting the walls between the past and the present, the ghosts and the living.

Why, what was so terrible?

It was as if something happened around 3000 BC that made the societies that repopulated the land, fear the past.

Plague, famine, over-cultivation of the land, war?
Terrible weather?

No one knows.

But when the population had recovered, the old places were sealed away and new structures, such as Silbury hill were created.

It was at this point in time that the old Sanctuary was closed, and the new (new meaning) was connected to Avebury.

So I'm left with lots of information about the Sanctuary and just one thing left to do there. Take my 72, 10 inch glo-sticks and lay the pattern out in-line with the solstice positions.

It is a re-opening of the old structure.
Should I be scared...

And then there is the sun, moon and stars and how they fit around a Ptolemaic view of the universe...I am amazed at how difficult people make this subject, so I should simplify and publish...

But finally my vague depression about how knowledge is created in this realm of archaeology has finally got too big. I've reached conclusions that cannot be tested without a lot of money and connections. I could save the money and then try to achieve what I wished, but without connections I wont get anywhere.

The only way to challenge the possibility of the 13 degrees magnetic error in the Cunnington's plan of the Sanctuary is for me to borrow some device that images under the ground, and some people who know how to use it, I could ask English Heritage for permission to take up the concrete posts at the center of the Sanctuary and then get an accurate map of where the post holes once were....

It wont happen.

So I have placed my arguments upon the web and as the slogan says: