Monday, 8 April 2013

You know I thought The Sanctuary and Woodhenge would be easy.
Just read the original notes.
Decide what is substantiated.
Make some guesses about the possible mythologies and ideas that fit in with the finds and...

Move on.

I keep trying to...
Move on...

To the Iron Age!

I didn't think I'd end up trying to understand astronomy as a consequence of following the Persephone myth.

I didn't think I'd find myself saying that the admirable survey work produced by Lt-Col Cunnington contained an error that had led people like Mike Pitts to conjecture (incorrectly) about the positions of stones (specifically stone 'B' in this case) that were really 12 degrees further west than the plans made out.

Nor do I like to think that I'm right.
But my theory can be tested

Just yesterday
when I was there
I hadn't really thought about how to do that.

Never fear!
I will nail it.

Nor did I think that I'd start questioning the symbolism of the cross.
Much older than Christianity
As an essential tool for anyone making earthen structures embodying the cardinal directions...

Do I think that the Iron Age will be easier. more straight forwards?
Like people dropped corpses into disused grain pits
End of story...

Nothing I do is ever simple.