Friday, 19 April 2013


I have bought 72, ten inch glo-sticks.
This should be enough to lay out the paths of The Sanctuary...

Hope this kind of thing isn't illegal!

The last time I was there- last Saturday, parked in the lay-by waiting for the sun to go down...I measured the angle between magnetic north and the avenue in the north-west quadrant.

If the concrete posts had been laid down using 1930's magnetic north, then the angle now would be about 56 degrees. !n 1930 magnetic north was 13 degrees west of True North.

If I rotate the plans to correct that 13 degrees..
The paths that lead from the center of The Sanctuary line up with the Sun a treat!

Site plan rotated by 13 degrees to account for magnetic declination in 1930

Unfortunately... the angle shows that magnetic declination was taken into account when the concrete markers in the avenue quadrant, were positioned.

Not 56. degrees.
41 which corresponds to Lt-Col Cunnington's plan.

A photograph of my compass on a concrete marker at The Sanctuary.
Using Flash, lines are drawn to show the angle of the avenue.
The angle measures 41 degrees in accord with Lt-Col Cunnington's plan of the site.

The question is, when were the blue concrete posts set up?

I have emailed English Heritage.

All I can say is, when the concrete posts were put in position magnetic declination had been corrected. This doesn't mean that Lt-col Cunnington did the same...the need to rotate the lay-out may still remain to restore accuracy may still remain.

The glo-sticks is where archaeology becomes art.
I've almost gone as far as I can go with science.

I really, really meant to finish The Sanctuary last I poured a libation of finest ale into the earth and set about restoring the paths, in light.

I used glo-sticks

I didn't have enough
All left overs from Halloween parties of our past
I just plain old didn't want to spend any money!