Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Warley Woods- off the Hagley road to Birmingham.

We went back, to try to find the 'river' of cold air. It was midday (not sunset- as it was when I originally experienced it) and Warley Woods felt like a happy place; lots of people and dogs and push chairs. It was a bright day, autumn trees, the weather almost warm.

After so many years it was hard to remember where the weird cold line had been, that evening we had been looking for a house to buy, to move out of the rented house in Pargeter road Bearwood...

It was sixteen years ago.

We had parked the car and looked around the street and then walked into the woods just to see what was there. It was early evening. The sun was setting. The woods were empty, but that line of cold, the experience of it was odd; I mean really odd.

So yesterday, Tuesday morning we went back to try to work out where the invisible river must have been located.

But first we had to try to work out why we had been there at all!

Eventually the images in my memory started to match up with the land.

The line wasn't where I'd expected it to be; there is a line that runs down through the park land that probably fills up with water when there is heavy rain, there is an occasional pool close to the road apparently. Visually this rain made indentation is the most obvious place for cold air to gather.

But it really wasn't the place, it didn't feel cold.

When I felt the slightest hint of the curious cold sensation I retraced my steps and tried again, then I did it with my eyes shut.

The line is marked on the map as a dark green dotted line.

Imagine yourself on the dotted line looking ahead, just where the slightly more green grass is...that's the Ghost road.

Looking right you would see the tree stump on the other side of the rain ditch.

If you looked to your line with the biggest tree.

Along that line, from the stump to the tree, that is where I thought that I had felt the colder air, but today in bright sun shine and wearing motor bike clothes, I wasn't sure..

Guess we have to go back.
At times like this an accurate thermometer would be very useful.