Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Iron Age.

I know that this is silly but I took against the Iron Age along time ago; when I was first reading books by Aubrey Burl. Even though The Bronze Age seems to be a time of wantobe warriors, individualistic, ego-driven, testosterone fuelled men waving their golden swords around and getting up to no good.

The Bronze Age was a time of trade; I liked the way new ideas would arrive with amber, I imagine the Bronze Age in Britain as a time when new ideas were prized and traded along with home grown tin and copper. I don't like to think of The Bronze Age collapsing and the proto-currency of bronze becoming worthless; replaced finally by good solid reality....the amount of grain in the store and the number of cattle in your field. It is too close to my own time.

I like the Bronze Age because it represents a time of dreaming...

Whilst The Iron Age becomes a time of practicality: of storage pits, of 'hill forts', of the cult of the severed head and animal (and human) sacrifice (thrice killed.)

It is hard to fit the Persephone myth into The Bronze Age, it fits so much better into the age of Iron.