Thursday, 9 September 2010

'Sunbursts' as a symbolic forest, and hunting arena.

The credit for the name I'm using for all henge with pits (such as Woodhenge and The Sanctuary) goes to someone else. I can't remember where I saw such places described as sunbursts?

Perhaps I dreamt it!

The other idea that I picked up from somewhere and someone else is that the starbursts were symbolic forests. By the late Neolithic and definitely at the time Woodhenge was dug, the forests of 'Old England' were already in the past. Deforestation, the ground already becoming impoverished, and the forest a place of nostalgia..

And farming is slow and steady work; it requires a person to know that by doing work now there will be a reward in the future.

Exciting it is not.

When I wanted to get a sense of how the sunburst may have felt, I used Gmod to create a virtual map. I didn't use posts, because I wanted to test out the idea that the posts were symbolic trees.

I couldn't make a henge (though I could have populated the the edge of my circle with hundreds of spectators; nor could I make it night time. All in all, making the posts as trees seemed poetically accurate.

Nor do I have a fierce bull to add to my symbolic forest. So I added a robot that was timid, but very dangerous. I could have given myself a crossbow, but I didn't think that I'd last long enough if I used that weapon.

I was actually quite surprised at how scary the starburst arena is; the trees offer protection, but add confusion. I could hide and so could the beast. I almost didn't make it out alive.

Here is the film: