Thursday, 23 September 2010

Equinox, Harvest moon, Thunderstorm + Invisible Pilgrim and Nightcrawler..

So, I have been listening to the same track -Invisible Pilgrim's Nightcrawler- for I think two hours. The harvest moon was invisible this night, but the sky was lit instead by flashes of lighting.

I recall Woodhenge and The Sanctuary, I think of all the objects I've seen dug up from The Sanctuary, of Maud's notes and of everything that I have ever read or thought about in relation to these places.

I put myself there; I go back to the nightmares those places have given me as I journeyed them in my sleep and into the sense of understanding I was left with.

I wanted to write an explanation; Bronze Age biology.

How life and death work when you don't know about cells, or electricity, mitochondria, bacteria, vitamins....all you have is what appears to be true.

This account isn't finished yet, or perhaps it is?
I don't know...I expect that I will come back to it and add more. I tend to think too fast and fail to elaborate enough to make the links I'm jumping to, easy to follow.
The flints contain fire, the flints grow inside the belly of the white ground. They are the bones of the unborn. It is not known if they ever become living. The born come through men into women. The bones of the born are soft but full of the fire as liquid fire, the blood.

Blood makes life, when blood is spilt on the ground, things grow from it.

The dead belong to the moon and the living to the sun, for all living things turn to the sun for warmth and comfort because our blood remembers the fire from which it came.

The moon is a white place, cold and luminous. It is a place of dreaming; it is possible that the moon restores life. No one really knows.

When people die, the flesh and blood should return to the earth, but the bones are dangerous; in the past the skulls and long bones were placed in a special place under the earth to protect the land. They remain there, but we no longer enter those places. The ancestors who guard that place should not be disturbed for there is no one left now who knows them.

The moon is white and cold, it may be a world of spirits and the home of those who must return to the white ground of the earth.

The dead are clothed in flesh by something underground that transfers the power to the balls of men and all male animals. When someone dies we leave them on a wooden tower so that the flesh may dry and as it does the life left over scatters as small creatures that come out. It is important to burn the bones when the flesh has gone. The life is gone from them, but other spirits may take the place of the person who died.

By burning, we finish the hardening and drive out any ghosts unwilling to leave. Latter, when the sun is at its weakest, we restore the moisture to the bones by scattering the ash into the river. Any ghosts driven off by the flames follow the ash into the river and travel into the land of the others,the ones who have entered the stone.

Instead of keeping the skulls and bones of those we know will help us, we place wooden posts in the ground to represent them; these become the forest, the place of the hunt, a place of sacrifice and celebration. Stone represents the dead who are with us, under the ground, dealing with the forces that run through the ground.

This principal that transfers life also causes the hardening of our bones, old age and death and disease. When the balance is wrong between the living and the dead, when the ground is hungry or when the spirits do not find their way to the moon then things go wrong; also for protection from
the spirits growing under the earth it is important to make offerings and sometimes to transfer the living into protectors.

The people who are made sacred for this task are people who have not 'come through all the way',some part of their spirit or soul remains under the ground it is understood that these people will already know the ways of the spirits, their language and customs. It is also understood that the returning principal will not work for them or at least not work for centuries because their flesh remains intact.

The person who must go, is killed with arrows so that the blood returns to the ground; but this place of killing must also be the place of burial. Sometimes a man is chosen to guard the ditch that protects the circle, and a girl is chosen for the central point. The man who protects the ditch, is never spoken of or mentioned in case one of us calls him back, and he wishes to return to the living.

Sometimes the one who goes is remembered by placing an ancestor stone to block the grave. This happened at The Sanctuary.