Tuesday, 17 January 2017

AltaVista Pentagram.

 DooM 3 pentagrams.

The blue one is the orange one Paintshoped.


I wish that I'd taken a screenshot of the ghosts corridor full of pentagrams / spawn points, it really was beautiful.

As to the meaning of the pentagram symbol?
Well in Doom3 and in Quake3Arena, the pentagram, the five-point-star, is a type of portal.

Regeneration: Spawn point in Q3A.

In Doom, the nasties warp in from hell on these red-orange devices, whilst you warp into and out of hell via blue ones.

In Q3A, spawn points spawn power-ups, the Quad etc. This indicates that the Quad is a demonic gift...Or some such...That the demonic power of the ID [see Forbidden Planet] can be used to great advantage by one fast and sure enough to seize the opportunity.

It is a lot of fun to treat all things as metaphoric-symbolically true and imbued with great and wondrous meanings.

But if you take another look....

From Wiki: The Dopefish is a fictional fish that originated in the fourth Commander Keen video game, Secret of the Oracle, released in 1991. The character has since evolved into a PC game industry in-joke, making appearances in games from Apogee's 1994 Wacky Wheels as well as titles as recent as the 2006 SiN Episodes: Emergence and 2007 Chili Con Carnage and more recently including 2011's Deus Ex: Human Revolution and 2012 Natural Selection 2.
Id logo.
ID actually stands for- ideas from the deep.
UAC logo.
From Doom Wiki: The Union Aerospace Corporation is the fictional multi-planetary conglomerate (possibly a megacorporation) that operates facilities on Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos, where Doom takes place.
Original Doom  guy.