Monday, 30 June 2014

The Underworld.

In the mouth of the universe, in the crush of stars.
In me.
In you.
In the rush of days and in the fall of time.

Always there.
Echoing back
The black line
The shimmer-line around reality.

The momentum of movement delays perception, the love of light, love in the glimmer of stars; keeps the mind away from the deep, away from the wolf river, the devouring river.

Through terror.
Is beyond heart and muscle.
Goes beyond the mind

Sudden loss of trust
The end of love
The mind falls.

Caught by the river
Washes beyond Tehom.

Below the deep

Where gravity holds images
Like a forest of the dead.
Frozen upon its surface.

Here all becomes silent.

No movement
Like a
is falling

As you fall without movement.