Friday, 13 September 2013

What I'm doing...

...I don't know what I'm doing.

Perhaps I'm beginning to enjoy the sense of space whirling around me?
I'm not enjoying the maths!

I decided to leave the mythology of the abducted girl in the contested land of Canaan for a while and go play with the stars.

The idea is...
If you want to understand why Stonehenge has alignments to north east and south
If you wanted to make something to bring the sun to earth
Create the circles and rectangles, spirals and triangles
The glittering mirrors
And ride the Milky Way on your bike in a stream of fairy lights...

You need to know what the sun, moon and stars do each year in relation to where you are and how to link it to the ground.

And you need to know what the stars, sun and moon were up to 5000 years ago so that you can ask questions...

So I'm doing lots of maths and listening to interesting music, playing with mind-maps.
I'm bored because the maths is...
I'm just checking my guesses

And maths proves that this universe doesn't work like clockwork.
People pretend that it does.
I don't blame them

The alternative is doing lots of maths.

The point is, I'm doing the maths only to see if my statements are true. I don't think anyone should have to calculate anything while the sun still shines and the moon still wobbles around the ecliptic and the Swan flies along the Galactic Plane...

At times like these