Sunday, 24 March 2013

Rococo recursion.

Land inevitably belongs to somebody, and places where you can try out ideas such as planting wooden posts in the ground to replicate prehistoric timber circles for free, don't exist within walking distance...

Edgelands may provide some interesting, Zone-like spaces.


Snow is easier to move than stones...or fracturing slices of rusty industrial waste,

We made a snow labyrinth.

I've always appreciated the freeware aspect of labyrinth making. No one can own the design of a Cretan labyrinth.

Once it is made, it belongs to anyone at all.

This Caer Droia is frozen water.
The ice walls of Troy
A Vir, a whirlpool.

So similar to a spirit-trap.

So similar to Woodhenge, to The Sanctuary.

At it's heart a really simple rule.


The first labyrinth I ever made was a Chartres type.

Domus Daedali- the house of Deadalus.

Chemin de Jérusalem- the road to Jerusalem.

Cretan labyrinths are much easier!