Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Mostly I've been bewildered.

I was watching a short video of me at The Sanctuary
Years ago, now.

I didn't know which was red or blue,

Posts or stones..

Other short films..
Virtual models...I hunted a monster within the symbolic wood
Set the posts on fire

For fun, made The Sanctuary out of iridescent glass.

Another time, I made a model and shone light at it
Trying to enter a space long-since gone.

All this blog is a work in progress...
Notes for latter.

Silver coins shining like stars in the moonlight.
A labyrinth that does not lead home.

Back to the subject?

  • Cthonic deities.
  • Timber circles
  • Human sacrifice
  • Lost girls...?

I'm still bewildered.

I came across a picture yesterday
Of trees planted upside down, so their roots..
Like Sea-henge

Coiled like serpents a top of the post
Below the sky.


If the gods are dead

Long since consigned to the printed word...

I didn't see him in the inverted tree...

But of course I did.

Lead on my good lord...

Ningishizida-Lord of the good tree.
"who represented the numinous power in trees to draw nourishment and to grow, had as his basic form that of the tree's trunk and roots; however, the winding roots, embodiment's of living supernatural power, free themselves from the trunk and become live serpents entwined around it."
Thorkild Jacobson

The Lord of the orchards


The child of the abyss
The good sap rising...

..The story begins to change.
Called Dumu, Ishteran, Alla and Lugal-cud-e, names that refer to him as a warrior, his youth, beauty and wisdom.

Ningishizida is taken by boat down to the the Underworld.

The river of the nether world produces no water, no water is drunk from it.
Why should you sail?
The fields of the nether world produce no grain, no flour is eaten from it.
Why should you sail?
The sheep of the nether world produce no wool, no cloth is woven from it.
Why should you sail?

Al khadir has traveled a long way.