Friday, 10 August 2012

The Third Place.

Pergatory solved a problem for the church...

Where are the dead right now, if they are waiting for Resurrection on Judgement day?

As the tarot card from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck  illustrates, the bible seems to be saying that the dead are waiting within their coffins and burial mounds for the trumpet to sound

And the judging to begin...

The archaic duality of Heaven and hell
Hades and The Elysian Fields.

Or the Monochrome, doom laden
Eternal rubbish dump

Are not enough...

A third place
The place of

Became necessary.

Betwixt and between is a fiction rich in history

Luthor referred to Purgatory as "The third place"
Warren Spector likewise, called computer game space 'liminal'
The third place.

A title or a concept... taken up by Sony for the PlayStation
And turned into an advert

David Eraser Head Lynch

To confuse anyone who had never played a computer game in his or her life
I guess.

In keeping with the concept of Purgatory as being a demi-hell
A place to pay off ones sins
By suffering

The Lynchian 3rdPlace is grim.

Van Gennep and Turner describe liminal space.
Rites of passage and rites of intensification

A place of ceremony and reintegration.
Sacrifice to bind a community
Amongst other
Not so
Terrible things...

The place of transformation
In to a swan..

The anthropologist Edward T Hall and territoriality as The Hidden Dimension:
The way cultures organise invisible space..
Zones and Proxemics.

Popper refered to the non-physical reality of ideas as world three.

Granted, Hall, Popper, Turner and Van Gennep describe invisible and yet radiant spaces that belong to the living.

Purgatory is one step beyond, and yet not so far away as one may think...

A long time before Purgatory
The dead-souls went to the Refrigerium

The word itself refers to a communal meal taken by the friends and relatives of the dead.

It means refreshment

Not fridge
As in household appliance.
Or modern day cryo-tanks...
Just a head submerged in ectoplasmic cloud and liquid nitrogen

Nevertheless, though some believed the ante-chamber to judgment day to be a pleasant place.

Others began to imagine Sacred fire- a metaphor for pre-liminal dissolution.

The baptism of fire
The alchemical golden flames of the phoenix..

Began to burn in the refrigerium.

The period after death
Became an ordeal.

Through fire, through water and then into ice.

Where was it?

Men roamed Sicily between Etna and Stromboli trying to draw a map of Purgatory.
Etna was too infernal
Too close to Hell.

In Ireland the Cistercian monks who controlled pilgrimages to one of Purgatory's main portals completed their map...

The Red Lake..Lough Derg.
On Station Island.
County Donegal.

Condemned by Pope Alexander VI in 1497
A new church was dedicated to Saint Patrick in 1931
Every year pilgrims visit between June the 1st and August the 15th.