Monday, 28 May 2012

Midsummer full moon. The Sanctuary- Wessex.

There are two full moons in June this year:
June 2nd (or better still, June 3) and then 28 days latter June 30th., or July 1st.

The June 3rd moon rises around 20:30.
The June 30th moon at 18:30.

So I plan to be at The Sanctuary to see where the South East midsummer moon actually is, and to find out if it bears any correspondence what so ever to my so called 'solar-paths'.

First thing, I have to find the paths!

The south-east direction of the sky as seen from the center is I think, blocked by that hedge. But I'm hoping I'm wrong about that.

I'm also bringing lots of string in the best Knossos/Ariadne tradition- to use as lines to mark out the pathways.

to tell the truth I honestly believe that this task will defeat thing I know for sure the concrete posts at the Sanctuary have very little similarity to the Cunnington's plans when I'm actually there..

I found an ariel photo of The Sanctuary...

.. and could just about see the 6 marker posts that create the heart of the, I may be able to work it out on the ground.

Hope so.

Here is the real thing .
I'm standing just in front of the burial marker, looking west towards the center.

In theory from where I'm standing in this photo, the post closest should be the east cardinal marker, and two 'solar paths' to my left and right.

Not easy to see!

And that central post marker doesn't look central.

Why is there such a discrepancy between the drawn plan and the concrete markers on the ground?

One more thing that is troubling me. The SW quarter of The Sanctuary has more post 'markers' than any other quarter. This marks the setting of the solstice winter sun and of course the midsummer moon set.

The sun is pretty regular, only the moon changes its position over a 19 year cycle.
So the sun wouldn't need lots of posts.
So the SW multi-posts were to mark the moon's alignment?

The midsummer moon sets there 4: 20 in the morning...
I really do not want to be there at that time!