Thursday, 22 December 2011

Winter Solstice- 2011.

The moon was truly beautiful, a thin crescent hanging in a sky the colours of Labradorite. The roads were dark and difficult- so many lorries in the early hours of the morning; each one first blinding me with headlights and then throwing muddy water onto the windscreen as we passed.

Eventually we were on the A303, busy even then- so early!
Blue lights indicated police ahead, and road blocks.
Closer to Stonehenge many people, camp fires and people sitting on chairs around their fires. I find it amazing that some people are so well prepared as to actually have chairs..

We avoid the traffic jam, turn right at the island to go towards Devizes. There is a right turn ahead, leading back towards Stonehenge...but again, police, flashing lights and I can't really face the mess and mass or the hassle. Apparantly, the BBC say a 1000 people attended.

So we head for Avebury, and get to be a part of this morning's perfect sunrise.

Avebury solstice winter, 2011. Photo by Dr Kaligari.

Latter we meet Mr and Mrs Sunbeam, truly, truly, lovely people with the most perfect of names for today.