Friday, 18 March 2011

To cure a black stream...

I've been ill for a week now. That's quite a long time for me. It's the kind of ill that befuddles the mind and makes me cough all the time. It is boring and makes me want to curl up in bed.

And then I started thinking about how The Sanctuary felt heavy and how my first response was to ask why. Though asking why is made out to be such a good thing, in truth, asking *what do I do about it* is a better question.

It is difficult to know how to approach places that feel uncomfortable. Dowsing requires a kind of opening up which even if it is all imagination, doesn't seem too wise a thing to do. And the picture dowsing creates is more akin to an X ray diffraction image, than a photograph [meaning -the information can be misleading].

What would I be looking for if I dowsed the area?
I suspect that, if The Sanctuary is of the same kind of thing as Woodhenge, there would have been another significant burial close to the entrance of the rings.

I rationalised the sense of heaviness by interpreting the place as 'still inhabited'.

So, being logical now, there are two forensic ways to approach this 'problem' of how the Sanctuary feels. Either I try to 'see' what's there in terms of energy flow or I try to pin down what it is about the visible, and auditory properties of the place that makes it feel 'heavy'.

The other approach is to take it all at face value, add (rather than subtract) what I feel and acknowledge it.

At the moment that latter approach seems the right one (But I'm very interested in the sound of the place and will probably return with a microphone). Acknowledging the ghosts, means borrowing a prayer wheel and sitting there for a hour or so... What I'd like to do is buy a 100 blue paper bags, and put sand and a candle in each bag, placing them on the concrete posts

Giving temporary beauty to the place would be a good thing to do .

On the other hand, that that kind of thing can get one into trouble, I didn't notice the surveillance camera!

In a way it is immaterial if the place always feels heavy or not, I over dosed on Jung at a far too early age, so I'm happy to go no further than Sheldrake's morphic resonance. The fact that the place felt bad means that sometimes it is *bad*.

The question remains, what is the best way to deal with that?