Internal structure of Woodhenge.

Woodhenge may well be based on the lozenge pattern not just a cross-shaped solar pattern.

 Found at Bush Barrow.

My first attempt to work out a structure was based on the solar pattern alone.

I'm pretty sure that there is more going on.

Playing 'join the dots' with Woodhenge is bound to be deceptive though.
There are so many post holes.

And the way they appear to be at the actual site, is no longer how they were. I mean the concrete posts are no longer correctly positioned.

Use the Cunnington's original plan of the site.
Photographs taken to show post positions will not be accurate.

Possibly two post-holes represent just one post in some places, same with The Sanctuary. Both sites were used for a long time, with old posts being replaced and new holes close to the older ones, may have been dug.

I started by drawing lines, hoping to find a pattern.

Woodhenge 'pathways' based on lozenge. and 'solar cross'  design.
The four solar paths are still there, and as at The Sanctuary something happens at the edges to make the structure more complex. At The Sanctuary it only seems to happen in the SW quadrant. The pattern becomes more complex, it branches out, one post between two.

Found at South Lowestoft, Suffolk.
What else, other than sun and moon?
The Pleiades are just one of the favorite contenders for an alignment within is Deneb (the north pole of 3000 BC?) and a part of Cygnus...but I don't have a sky map for 3000 BC.

So how would this 'lozenge' pattern work?
Some people think that the Bush Barrow artifact may have been used as a sky-map, a logical extension of the cross (based on solar and lunar positions).

I don't recall much of a sense of circular paths when standing at Woodhenge. Is it not possible that the posts were linked by screens woven between the posts to make corridors, entrances and exits?

There is evidence for 'exclusion' at The Sanctuary and Avebury, for hiding the monuments from view until the last moment ( a bend in the avenue, or the use of hills). Hiding and making secret are as likely themes as the lozenge and solar-paths.

Having spent quite a few hours looking at Maud Cunnington's plan of Woodhenge I am now permanently cross eyed!

But in the end I found a pattern.

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