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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Time to move...

I'm a long-time blogger.
For so, so long.
14 years at 37 Dagon Street.

Now I'm training to be a counsellor - truly underground work - and so I'm distancing you, gentle reader from my past by closing the door on my home in Dagon street.

My new home for the present is:

My two most popular posts have migrated here.
The AltaVista Pentagram - lord knows why that is so popular, especially with people in Russia.

And the poem I found when searching through old photos..

And finally, why my name is RideFlame.

I entered the OtherWorld of the internet when a name was chosen.
By user.


Everyday brought surreal absurdity.
The reminder that
In a mirror world of ghosts.

Nothing is taken on face value.

Post Web 2.0
Real names
Promise security only...

To fools.

The worst things in this world
Are not recognised
By their names

Recognition is created via patten
The Microsoft technician phone call
The Santander phishing email

Trusted names

Have been around for years now...

How is that possible?

Every so often I throw my name away.

After I google it
Rideflame - a company (doing what?) registered in Panama.

Or Ride Flame's Tumblr.

The snow board company.
Are not me.

Nor was my name ever mine
I am at peace with its history.
And ambiguity.

My use
more persistent than the others?!