Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What to wear?

This coming Saturday I'm going to go to a 'Rope' workshop to be tied up, and suspended. I will be dressed in motorbike gear to get there- which isn't as exciting as it sounds, yes...leather trousers- my husband's.

No, to leather jacket...I'd freeze!

This morning I got to grips with what I could wear...because those leather trousers will have to come off, doing the zip up is a bit of a struggle, there is much less give in leather than in denim and there is that padding in the knees.

Motorbike clothing is like wearing your car.

So, the thermal top and leggings are default, I tried a long skirt, but would probably feel embarrassed to wear it. The leggings are Tron, the skirt Victorian. My boots cyberpunk, but I'm going to a place where people probably don't wear much.

Found an old top- as seen in photo- and it worked better than anything else.

I look kind of pantomime boyish.

I can honestly say I have no idea what I'm letting myself in to.

So, how does one go about getting suspended and why? I am doing it because I want to taste that abduction myth for myself, in a safe way.

And there is always a hint of sado-masochism about any ex-Goth. Fundamentally though I have no idea why other people want to be tied up. As a child I climbed rope and did all sorts of hanging off things...but being immobilized is another kettle of fish.

I rarely see myself as powerless, and ultimately that must be what rope up is all about? It must be about trust, abandoning myself to someone else's wishes. And then there is that other aspect; a Dionysian fear and pleasure thing. Like The House of Mysteries...should I be telling you this?

So how does one go about it?
Best to find an expert and ask:

There used to be an idea many people had, that I used to hear when I taught meditation; about meditation causing 'things to come up'. Old repressed feelings of resentment and pain, rarely did anyone ever say that nice things 'came up'. I must admit I didn't ever have that experience in meditation: boredom, cramp, more boredom, but no things coming up.

But here in the real world of action, here the things come. I'm now feeling unusually fat, and as old as I am.

This certainly wasn't Persephone's lot.